Follow-up Comment #1, bug #16305 (project freeciv):

Since I see nowhere in the rules/help that diplomats have half the success
chance of spies, I figure this is a bug. Then again, it's kind of an obvious
bug when you notice that sabotaging by diplomats fail very often, so maybe
it's the security flaw after all.

If it's a bug, then either the gui's must be fixed to send B_LAST as the last
parameter, or better: put line 848 in server/diplomats.c before line 835.

If it's a security flaw, then I would still suggest putting line 848 first,
and adding an extra check, halving the chance for diplomats. E.g.:

  int success_prob = (improvement >= B_LAST && unit_has_type_flag(pdiplomat,
F_SPY) ? : / 2);


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