Follow-up Comment #3, patch #1746 (project freeciv):

Thinking a little bit about the memory requirements:

'struct diplstate' takes 28 byte on my system. It is further serialised by
dio_put_diplstate()/dio_get_diplstate() to (if I'm right) 9 byte. Thus, for
128 players 1152 bytes are needed.

'struct player' takes 2808 bytes; as network package it will be even less
(below 1000 bytes).

I do not have hard numbers but it seems to be OK to keep the diplstate as
part of the player package at the moment.

> player->real_embassy could also be moved into diplstate. Thus
> only one part of the player package is per (defined) player 

This is not a good idea. In the struct it will be one bool (= int = 4byte
(32bit) or 8byte(64bit)) for each player while as bitvector only 16bytes are
used for _all_ players.


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