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>> have a look at patch #1785 (for this one see patch #1789)
> I know we are doing duplicate work. But our patches have very different
> dependencies (your patches depend on lower parts of your own patch stack and
> my patches depend on my patch stack). Instead of waiting very long time that
> your patches get committed - which probably takes weeks (at least I refrain
> from committing patch that depends on patch committed less than ~24h ago.
> This gives people time to check new patch against already committed stuff) -
> I decided that it is actually better to do same work in my own series so I
> can go forward myself.

The 'remove *' patches (see patch #1780 to #1790) are as independent  
as possible. Perhaps you have to move the definition of the new  
function pointers but else they only try to remove dependencies of the  
server code on code in ./ai by moving some functions or by defining  
new function pointers (for saving/loading ai data from savegames).  
Sometimes they only remove the header file as no real dependency exists.

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