Update of bug #16410 (project freeciv):

                Category:                rulesets => general                
                Priority:              5 - Normal => 3 - Low                
             Assigned to:                   cazfi => None                   
                 Summary: nations.ruleset is ignored in a custom ruleset =>
Default ruleset loaded in server start even if user is going to switch to
another ruleset


Follow-up Comment #3:

Ok, now I believe I understand what you mean.

Unlike what subject suggested this has nothing to do with nations.ruleset.
You are using copy of default nations.ruleset, which uses separate nation
definitions under nation/.

Instead you are being hit by the fact that default ruleset is loaded before
your custom ruleset, and that loading of default ruleset fails.
Server is currently designed so that it always requires ruleset to be
present. Initially, before user type (or as in your case it's being read from
script file) "rulesetdir" command, default ruleset is being used.

Workaround: don't break default ruleset :-)


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