Follow-up Comment #10, bug #16465 (project freeciv):

> Since RT#40502: [Patch] Conflicting bases from ruleset, at
> revision 15242, default ruleset has the following conflicts:

 You mean that concept of conflicting bases was implemented back then. Ruins
and Buoys have not conflicted since then, as they we're not in game yet.

>    * Fortress is in conflict with Airbase.
>    * Fortress is in conflict with Buoy.
>    * Fortress is in conflict with Ruins.
>    * Buoy is in conflict with Ruins.

But Buoy is not conflicting with Airbase? Sounds like there is always
conflict added when iterating through them in order to set correct conflicts
and the other base has not yet been handled (Fortress is first one so no
other base is handled yet when it's conflicts are set up, and only Ruins is
after Buoy)

> I don't understand why bases claiming territory should be in
> conflict. Shouldn't the base with the highest degree of claiming
> territory use its effect, ignoring the effect of others, but
> keeping the other bases for the other features?

Yes, it was meant to be only temporary solution that territory claiming bases
automatically conflict with each other. To implement it so that lesser
territory claiming bases are ignored takes some work.


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