Follow-up Comment #4, bug #16500 (project freeciv):

I was going with a slightly different plan, but hadn't got very far along the
road of implementing it:

Replace the two options "Merge the message notebook and the map notebook" and
"Split bottom notebook area" with a single option, which currently looks like
(very WIP!):

                  N_("Message and chat ?reports location"),
                  N_("Controls where the Message and Chat ?reports "
                     "appear relative to the main view containing the
                     "'Split' allows all three to be seen simultaneously, "
                     "which is best for multiplayer, but requires a large "
                     "window to be usable.\n"
                     "'Separate' puts Messages and Chat in a notebook "
                     "separate from the main view, so that one of them "
                     "can always be seen alongside the main view.\n"
                     "'Merged' makes the Messages and Chat ?reports into "
                     "tabs alongside the map and other reports; this "
                     "allows a larger map view on small screens.\n"
                     "This option requires a restart in order to take "
                     "effect."), COC_INTERFACE, GUI_GTK2,
                  MSG_SEPARATE /* ignored! */,
                  gui_gtk2_message_chat_location_options, NULL),

Keeping "arrange widgets for small screens" as separate.

This means the user isn't led into specifying "merge" and "split"
simultaneously. I then added a backward-compatibility wart when loading
settings for existing settings files whereby "merge" overrides "split" and
the result is written back out as the new option (this would happen when
migrating 2.2.x to 2.3.x, which have separate rc-files, so in the common case
it doesn't mess up people who downgrade).

I don't think S2_2 has as good support for enumerated client options as
trunk, so I was going to keep the existing boolean options and just make
"merge" override "split" on S2_2 (with documentation) -- this would be
equivalent to my trunk patch.

But this is the first enumerated client option on trunk and I was running
into some issues with that, which I was going to raise separately, but I'm a
bit short of time right now.

Comparing with your proposal: I think in the second of your options, the
messages/chat go to the right rather than the bottom (that's the current
behaviour) and "split" still makes sense, but in the third, messages/chat are
in the map view and "split" makes no sense (unless it's useful to be able to
see both messages and chat but not the map or anything else? I can't imagine
the third option is any good for multiplayer anyway.)


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