Follow-up Comment #16, bug #16440 (project freeciv):

> Actually, it usually doesn't go off the screen, but it makes 
> the right part of the screen bigger, masking the map. It is 
> quite annoying when you don't expect a vote (e.g. in 
> multiplayer mode). 
Right. I wondered if this was the problem, but couldn't reproduce it.

>> Not sure about that. If your whole window is small enough that
>> extra stuff on the bottom will add scrollbars, might the vote
>> bar not be immediately visible when it does pop up (you'll
>> have to scroll down)?
> I was thinking about it when "small display" or "merge" are 
> set. In those cases, the center and the right (if small display 
> is set) column have enough space to don't grow the window, but 
> shrinking the upper part. 
Ah right -- I had thought it would go across the left column (which is the
longest) as well.

This patch looks good.

(On my system, to see the whole width of a typical vote, I needed a window of
at least 1000x600, but that's sufficient to allow this to be useful on a lot
of common netbooks, such as Eee 901.)


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