Follow-up Comment #13, bug #16440 (project freeciv):

Sorry, not been able to look at this until now.
>> When "merge" isn't set and "small display" is, the vote bar 
>> is not split, and it's still too long.
> Well, my patch improves it giving FALSE to parameter "resize" 
> to gtk_paned_pack2(), then it doesn't hide the map too much.
Not sure I understand the problem. When I use that configuration with this
patch, the voteinfo bar is split across two lines, which appear above the
chat window on the right half of the window.
Admittedly, for very small windows, even the split bar can go off the
(I haven't worked out what your change to gtk_paned_pack2() does.)

> Probably the vote bar should stay on the bottom of the window, not going to
the right part.
Not sure about that. If your whole window is small enough that extra stuff on
the bottom will add scrollbars, might the vote bar not be immediately visible
when it does pop up (you'll have to scroll down)?

But since I don't actually use the vote bar much, I defer to your experience
on what will work well in practice in a multiplayer game :)


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