Follow-up Comment #17, bug #15347 (project freeciv):

Thanks for doing something about this.

Slight problem: on my machine at least, diagonal trade routes come out dark
blue (which gets lost in the ocean), whereas horizontal/vertical lines come
out cyan (which is I think the intended colour).

Looking at putline(), it still uses the homegrown routines for the special
cases, which explains the difference. I assume there's a disagreement about
the interpretation of "Uint32 color".

Really, putline() could just call lineColor() for everything, since
lineColor() optimises the special cases already.

As for colours, it looks like lineColor() and friends take RGBA as input and
call SDL_MapRGBA() themselves, whereas putline() expects SDL_MapRGBA() to
have been done for it. Making putline() take RGBA might be the right answer
long term, but that (and other changes like using the new gfx routines more
extensively) are moderately big projects. A quick but ugly fix might be to
invert the mapping in putline().

But at least I can't make it crash any more :)


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