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Follow-up Comment #9:

an update after a long time ...


* implement it as part of ./common
* it will replace the creation of ppm files
* addition engines using magicwand/gtk/sdl possible
* can be called from the server (implemented), from the client (TODO) or as
its own client (TODO)
* needs the colour definitions in the ruleset (player colours, terrain
colours, map overview colours)
* can the file ./data/misc/colors.png be generated on the fly by the clients?
Thus the colours for the players would be really independent. I think it
should be possible for the gtk and sdl clients at least.

how to test it:

* apply the patch
* start the server
* define an map image using 'mapimg define zoom=2'
* start the game ...
* use the script mapimg2anim.bin to generate an animated gif file

(file #10179)

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