Follow-up Comment #13, patch #1391 (project freeciv):

> It looks great. Is there a way to keep borders out of the
> vision? 

yes; see the help

> mapimg help
Available map image defintion options <mapdef>:
name              default  description
format                gif  image format ('gif', 'png', 'ppm', 'jpg')
show <value>          all  show players ('none', 'each', 'all', 'plrname',
'plrid', 'plrbv')
  plrname <value>            player name (if 'show=plrname')
  plrid <value>              player id (if 'show=plrid')
  plrbv <value>              player bitvector (if 'show=plrbv')
turns <value>           1  save each <value> turns (0 = no autosave)
zoom <value>            2  zoom factor (1 <= zoom <= 5)
map <map>             cub  definition of the map

The map string <map> can contain:
 - 'a' show area within borders
 - 'b' show borders
 - 'c' show cities
 - 'f' show fogofwar
 - 'k' show only known terrain
 - 't' full terrain
 - 'u' show units

'k' and 'f' are only available if the map is drawn for one player



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