Follow-up Comment #22, bug #15559 (project freeciv):

Erk. I know a little about this stuff, but I haven't run into the original
problem, and can't promise to have time to have a serious look at it in time
for the release. But I think it's an important fix.

I have quickly applied and compiled the patch to S2_2, and it hasn't made
things any *worse* for me in my (minimal!) tests -- I can still start a
server from the client, or start one manually and connect the client to

In the latter case I do get this from the server:

1: ???? bind failed: Address already in use

Oops, the "????" is a cosmetic bug in the patch: there's a switch statement
in server_open_socket() without any "break;"s so it falls through. But that
only affects error reporting, not functionality. Fixed version attached
anyway (v6); with the fix, it says "IPv4 bind failed".

My system is Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04), IPv6 not configured beyond how it comes
out of the box. "sysctl net.ipv6.bindv6only" says 0. (I think this means my
system's an "old" Linux system; AIUI, it's modern Linuxes and non-Linuxes
that suffer the original problem due to having this 1 or equivalent

The following all work for me:

client/freeciv-gtk2 -s -a
client/freeciv-gtk2 -s ::1 -a
client/freeciv-gtk2 -s X.X.X.X -a [where X.X.X.X is eth0's IPv4 address]

(My eth0 also claims to have a link-local IPv6 address FE80::..., but that
doesn't seem to work for anything, not just Freeciv; I assume this is just
because I haven't set IPv6 up. So no data.)

So I suspect the warning is harmless, and won't occur on systems affected by
the original bug.

Hope some of this is useful to someone in deciding whether or not this goes
in 2.2.3... personally I reckon we should go for it.

(file #10270, file #10271)

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