Follow-up Comment #23, bug #15559 (project freeciv):

Just found time to play a bit more.

I did "sysctl -w net.ipv6.bindv6only=1" to try to reproduce the problem.
Without the patch, starting a server from the client works, but starting a
server manually and then trying to connect to it with IPv4 addresses (e.g. fails: "1: Connection to server refused. Please start the server."
I assume this is the gist of the original problem, although it's not quite as

With the patch, all the things that I tried in comment #22 just worked (with
no warnings, as I guessed).

If the aim of this patch is to make Freeciv work regardless of whether
binding a single socket causes it to listen on both of IPv4/IPv6 or just one,
I think it's achieved that.

(Still not actually looked at the code though...)


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