Follow-up Comment #2, patch #2062 (project freeciv):

> /playercolor takes a color argument like in the
> format "0xrrggbb". However, the featured text module already
> use a different format for colors ("#rrggbb"). They should be
> the same to do not confuse the users. 

I did try this but a '#' is an invalid character wrt the command line. It has
to be added to fc_isalnum() (see stdinhand.c:3971)

> /playercolor help text should mention about the red/green/blue
> format a bit clearly. 


> /playercolor doesn't allow to remove a defined color by the
> user. 
> I guess that /playercolor should take ALLOW_ADMIN access level
> and move to /list colors the non harmful related commands. 

I can move it as follows:

/playercolor => the information is included in /list players; see patch
/playercolor <player-name> => remove this
/playercolor <player-name> <color> => define the color
/playercolor <player-name> reset => clear the user-defined color; only
available in pre-game

> I really don't like the usage of magic values for the
> setting "playercolor". 
> the setting "playercolor" should at least be
> named "playercolormode" to don't duplicate this name (e.g.
> for /help).



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