Follow-up Comment #2, patch #2056 (project freeciv):

> The patch is currently using Q_() on a non qualifier string " or " (line

I was just (somewhat blindly) copying existing usage; see
helptext_government() and helptext_unit(). I agree that Q_() here is useless
(but it's also harmless). I can submit a new patch which removes all of these
pointless uses of Q_().

> Note that translating " or " is quite incorrect since it may depends of the

I don't understand this comment. I'm aware that constructing sentences
piecemeal like this is tricky from an i18n point of view, but I don't
understand what's specifically wrong with this. And does the same problem
apply to the several existing instances of this string?

> Maybe should we have share a common utility to generate them?

You'll have seen that I also proposed this in bug #16847. I've now raised a
new ticket (patch #2064) to gather requirements. I'd appreciate input, as I'm
not familiar enough with non-English grammar to know where all the issues

However, I'd still like to commit these patches more or less as-is and
complete what I'm working towards (patch #2049 / patch #2050) first and pick
up patch #2064 later, as these patches introduce/change a number of strings
and I'd like to give translators as long as possible.


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