Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17022 (project freeciv):

It's going to be hard to debug any of these without save files; do you have

Is this with the default ruleset?

There are four separate assertion failures seen various numbers of times in
the log:

freeciv-server: unittools.c:546: total_activity_targeted: Assertion `!(tgt ==
S_LAST && base == -1)' failed.

Argh, I'm surprised to see this reported against 2.2.3 -- there was a bug
causing this assertion to fail in 2.2.2 (bug #16100), but that one was fixed
in 2.2.3.

No idea about the other three:

freeciv-server: mapgen.c:1401: map_fractal_generate: Assertion `0' failed.
freeciv-server: aitools.c:851: ai_unit_new_role: Assertion
`!unit_has_orders(punit) || task == AIUNIT_NONE' failed.
freeciv-server: caravan.c:339: wonder_benefit: Assertion `costwithout >=
costwith' failed.


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