Follow-up Comment #2, bug #17022 (project freeciv):

freeciv-server: mapgen.c:1401: map_fractal_generate: Assertion `0' failed.

This one is still valid for trunk. It indicates a problem with the generation
of the map / the start positions on the map (see trunk:mapgen.c:1449). It
prevents the start of the game as no map can be generated. Often another
generator works.

fc_assert_exit_msg(FALSE, "The server couldn't allocate "
                          "starting positions.");

freeciv-server: aitools.c:851: ai_unit_new_role: Assertion
`!unit_has_orders(punit) || task == AIUNIT_NONE' failed.

Here a savegame would help. Why is this function called on the unit?


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