Follow-up Comment #4, bug #17022 (project freeciv):

I'll try to provide as much information as possible. I still get these
crashes frequently, which means that I probably could do some configuration
changes to collect enough information to debug the cause of these failed
assertions. Do you have any suggestions about which configuration changes I
should do to allow us to debug these crashes (while also keeping the servers
fast and working normally for the players)?

> It's going to be hard to debug any of these without save files; do you have

Sorry, I don't have any savefiles. I could probably change the configuration
to collect savegames. How is this best done for a public server?

>Is this with the default ruleset? 


> I don't see how this is possible (negative value? too big value?). Are you
sure you get this with non-modified servers? 

I'm running Freeciv 2.2.3. The servers are just patched with some minor
changes for running public games:

Andreas R.


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