Le mardi 30 novembre 2010 à 14:47 -0800, David Hartglass a écrit :
> I'm working on improving upon an existing (but old) api to freeciv
> (windows).  A big part of this involves updating our methods that deal
> with packets, but we've been encountering problems so far with either
> not having enough data or the server sending strange packets early
> during game setup (ie PACKET_NUKE_TILE_INFO or

You are clearly hacking to connect an incompatible program to the
server. You must share the exact protocol of the server. This is
protected by the network capability string.

> For example, currently the type CONNECTION is SINT16, however this
> gives us errors (setting CONNECTION to be UINT8, as in the older
> versions, fixes this).  Is CONNECTION supposed to be SINT16?  If not,
> are there likely to be other such errors in the packets.def file?

This change (r16375, patch #1363) is very problematic because it affects
the packet PACKET_SERVER_JOIN_REPLY which must be compatible between
Freeciv versions. This may be a blocker for the S2_3.

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