Hello Freeciv devs!

I would just like to tell you that http://www.freeciv.net is now available for free in the Google Chrome Web Store, here: http://goo.gl/XzFmD

Freeciv.net is one of the first 500 web applications that the store launches with. By installing the game through the Chrome Web Store, the game installs itself as an icon on the Google Chrome startup screen, and will therefore be convenient to launch from there. If you have any feedback from testing it, that would be great.

The other thing that I would like to discuss, is if you would be interested in more cooperation between the Freeciv.net web client and the Freeciv.org project. For example sharing development code-base, a shared development plan, testing and bugreporting, server hosting of web games etc. What do you think about this?

Best regards,
Andreas Rosdal

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