Follow-up Comment #6, bug #16855 (project freeciv):

Although the case is closed I'd like to add a comment...

I think the visibility of unresearchable techs should not be allowed to be
decided by the player. Rather, it should be made as a ruleset option. It is
the ruleset desiger who adds the root_reqs, so they should know if tech are to
be visible in tree before they can be researched or not.

At the time of my original submission I was experimenting with a possibility
to force tech-traders to aquire all requirements before they can get the one
they are after. That could be achieved by root_reqqing every single tech in
the tree. In this case the unresearchable ones should be visible in the tree.

After that I've come up with an idea of technological eras. That means that
there could be some critical techs in the tree which would reveal a bunch of
new ones. Maybe making the research also harder from that point forward.

So my original bug report was a bit too one-sided. I'm happy that you noticed
that and made the visibility thing choosable. Only I disagree with the part
who gets to choose. :p 


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