Follow-up Comment #10, bug #16855 (project freeciv):

Awake again some comments:

> At the time of my original submission I was experimenting with a
> possibility to force tech-traders to aquire all requirements
> before they can get the one they are after.

Could a similar lua script as mentioned in comment #7 help? You would need a
self-rooted tech and a lua signal if a tech is reserached. The script would
need to check all requirements (the techs of this erea) to give the player the
(free) 'next erea' tech. I'm not sure if this is possible at the moment as you
would need to check if the player has researched specific techs. Perhaps an
additional lua function is needed.

Thus, no change to the interface is required - you can do it by using only
ruleset code (techs as well as lua script).

> Raised as bug #17555, thanks. (Initially assigned to me but
> feel free to steal it.)

You can commit it. But do remember the time frame for 2.3.0 ... ;-)


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