Follow-up Comment #7, bug #16855 (project freeciv):

After this change, if I start a game with the "multiplayer" ruleset and click
the new "Show all" button, the Gtk client dies with a segfault. Looks like it
gets stuck in an infinite recursion and smashes the stack -- the backtrace has
tens of thousands of frames of

#32360 0x0000000000553a2f in player_invention_reachable (pplayer=0xa456090, 
    tech=89, allow_prereqs=true) at tech.c:303
        root = 89

This ruleset has a self-root_req'd tech called "Theory of Evolution" which is
only granted via lua script -- it's used to track whether you've got your free
techs from Darwin's Voyage yet (since wonders are per-player). (This might be
an example of the sort of tech the ruleset author would want to remain


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