Follow-up Comment #2, bug #17710 (project freeciv):

> 1. Send radius_sq information to client about enemy cities. S2_3
> version of the patch uses optional network capability for this.
> 2. Since even with 1 implemented it is possible that while we
> don't see the city, its city radius grows and it starts working
> tile we do see, detect that situation and just grow radius_sq
> variable in client end.

Now I wonder if 1 can actually cause problems and should we rely on 2 only.
Server might send short city info packet with radius information from the time
city was last seen after client has already seen tile worked outside that
radius. In that case more correct value client has would be replaced with too
small value from short city info packet. Downside of relying to 2 only is that
client side radius information would never decrease.
Err, it's also not clear what would happen when tile information was sent
before city was seen (so that client has created invisible city first). I need
to rethink this once more...


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