Marko Lindqvist writes:
> Does anybody have any idea what it means for Freeciv that gtk3 is now
> released? Do we need two different gtk-clients for a while like we did
> when gtk1.2 and gtk2 coexisted.

There's a transition guide here:

Looks like we can start preparing now by avoiding old-fashioned
constructs while continuing to use Gtk 2, to make the eventual switch
easier. (I guess this will probably increase our minimum Gtk2 version
requirement, but we have been quite conservative with that.)

I guess that the move to Cairo is probably the biggest deal for us, but
I haven't looked into it.

Even having looked through the referenced article, I'm not sure if we
can get away with compile-time conditionalisation or whether we'll need
to fork the client :/

> What about schedule? Do we need to change something for 2.3, or can
> these things wait until 2.4?

IMO, given our new sleek release cycle :) I doubt we need to worry about
2.3, but we should probably start thinking about it for 2.4.

But I doubt Gtk2 is going away any time soon. For comparison, Gtk2 came
out in 2002, but I think Gtk1.2 was only removed from Ubuntu in karmic
(Oct 2009) and from Debian in squeeze (Feb 2011!), and Gtk2 has existed
for longer than Gtk1 ever did.
(Unless the Linux distros are going to push for quicker timetable for
this transition.)

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