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> Idea in that transition guide is that there will be gtk3 only
> application in the end, requiring gtk 3.0.0 at least, i.e. , it has no
> problem of not being backward compatible with *any* gtk2 version.
> We can increase our minimum gtk2 version somewhat, but not all the
> way up to last gtk2 release. In fact I would continue to be fairly
> conservative with increasing minimum version. Once we have both gtk3
> and gtk2 clients, the only reason for continued existence of
> gtk2-client is its compatibility with older systems without gtk3. We
> should not make that two limited target group (as "only those with gtk
> 2.22.0 - 2.24.0")
> After investigating this and fiddling with ideas, I now have a plan like this:
> - Fix those gtk3 compatibility problems that you can without breaking
> compatibility with versions earlier than x in current gtk2-client. x
> is to be decided.;Ubuntu Dapper has gtk 2.8, but Dapper will not be
> supported any more by the time Freeciv 2.4 will be released. More
> relevant reference is probably Ubuntu Hardy, which has gtk 2.12.
> - Copy gtk2-client as starting point of gtk3-client development
> - Make "gtk3-client" actually gtk2 2.24.0 (latest gtk2 release)
> client that uses no deprecated constructs
> - Make switch to actual gtk3 with gtk3-client

        The plan looks good to me.  I'll share what i read on the GTK-OSX mail 
list.  As far as linux distros go, i expect we'll get pushed forward on one 
end, and pulled back on the other.  On the one hand, whatever Ubuntu release 
comes after Natty will probably have both GTK 3 and GTK 2.  However, within a 
year of that [whichever release starts with 'Q'] they will complain about 
having to include packages they deem as obsolete.  On the other hand, Debian 6 
was just released with GTK 2 and an expected lifetime of another three years.  
Additionally, they still have GTK2 in their testing branch - though that may be 
due to a general lack of packages with GTK 3 support right now.

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