I'm going through patches freeciv.net has applied on top of freeciv.
Goal is to make freeciv -> freeciv.net diff smaller where possible.

 General notes: Copy of freeciv has been pushed to freeciv.net git in
quite a messy way. There's a lot of files that IMO shouldn't be under
version control (build files specific to machine where said build has
been performed, backup copies of files, *.rej, *.orig files, files
probably created accidentally...)  This makes it impossible to simply
compare freeciv.net copy of freeciv tree to our tree. It would also be
nice to know which freeciv revision this is copy of.
 Same goes for patches. Diff-files have relevant information about
code changes buried deep in to noise caused by changes in build system
etc. I think this should be cleaned up in freeciv.net side.

 ... gotta go without analyzing individual patches... just quick note
that nosave.diff and noquitidle.diff should not be needed once patch
#2536 has been committed.

 - ML

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