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Thanks. This really is useful document.

I have just one question about city naming patch
unithand_changes.diff. Why do you need server side change?

There was a problem with string encoding (UTF-8 vs latin-1), when sending the city name over HTTP as JSON. The problem is either in Freeciv-proxy or Freeciv-web, and should be possible to solve with some debugging effort.
String encoding problems are very common in web applications.

web-client has no means to (re)name cities, can't it at least use one
suggested by server as other clients do when city name dialogs are
disabled? See option "ask_city_name" in common client code.

I've seen it, but ask_city_name still requires the city name to be transmitted from the server to the client, and back to the server. And somewhere on that route there is something which breaks the string encoding for non-ASCII characters.

 - Andreas
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