Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17825 (project freeciv):

This does indeed result from the scrollbars: the recentring of the
GtkScrolledWindow doesn't have the right clipping, so its viewport can end up
viewing regions outside the overview_canvas. This can happen even if the
scrollbars aren't visible.

I've been struggling with this and bug #17802 for a couple of days; fighting
Gtk, and also the overview sizing code, which seems like a bit of a mess.

It's very tempting to replace the GUI-dependent GtkScrolledWindow (which adds
scrollbars when the overview map gets too large) with the platform-independent
approach of having overview.window simply be smaller than in
these cases; that way you get the ability to degrade gracefully with huge maps
for free on other GUIs too.

We'd lose the scrollbars that the user can manipulate to let them view the
whole overview map in Gtk, but I think they're problematic anyway -- what does
the scrollbar position mean for a map that's WRAPX or WRAPY? -- and you can
always view the whole map with right-click movement anyway.

I suppose the other thing the scrollbars tell you is how much of the map is
currently visible in the overview window. We could replace that with
(insensitive) scrollbars based on information from overview_common.c, I


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