Follow-up Comment #2, bug #17825 (project freeciv):

"It's very tempting to replace the GUI-dependent GtkScrolledWindow (which
adds scrollbars when the overview map gets too large) with the
platform-independent approach of having overview.window simply be smaller than in these cases; that way you get the ability to degrade
gracefully with huge maps for free on other GUIs too. "

That sounds like a good solution to me.  Solving a problem once for all the
clients trumps having to do it separately for each one. The only better
solution i can think of would be to scale the overview 'on the fly' so that
the  minimap window always shows the whole map - get rid of the scrollbars
entirely.  However, i understand that this would be challenging to develop and
might not be that pretty anyway.

If the scrollbars remain in the minimap window, then i'd request that there
be some way [probably another tab] to show the whole world simultaneously.


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