Follow-up Comment #1, bug #18006 (project freeciv):

(sigh)  I loaded all of the savegames for the period of time in question and
couldn't reproduce this.  I will say that when i experienced the problem, i
ran the game straight through for 160 turns - but don't see the same thing
after restarting the server and loading the savegame.  Is it possible some
variable that the CMA uses is getting clobbered?

I noticed something else when i originally saw the problem, but can't say
whether it's a clue or a 'red herring'.  For the city in question, there are
two specials - Fish - that were temporarily grayed out as unworkable when
there don't appear to be any nearby cities capable of working those tiles. 
Later on they spontaneously became available, even though the city manager
still seems to Grassland to Fish.


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