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Follow-up Comment #1:

It turns out it's also an excellent way to exercise trouble with cities
changing hands, and we seem to have a lot of that at the moment.

Test with something like:

/lua print(civil_war(find.player(0),50))

Documentation for the scripting reference on wiki

            civil_war          (player, probability)   '''New in 2.4'''
                               <em class="comment">
                               -- Possibly throw a player into civil war.
                               -- probability is the percentage chance of the
                               -- war occurring (use 100 for certainty), or
if it
                               -- is zero, the normal calculation is used
                               -- by government, happiness, etc).
                               -- If the chance is not met, nothing happens.
                               -- If the chance is met, civil war happens as
                               -- with appropriate messages sent to the
                               -- Returns the new AI player or nil.

(file #12818)

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