Follow-up Comment #3, bug #18007 (project freeciv):

Okeh, it happened again - this time i was at least paying a little attention.
 I get the assertion 26 times between the beginning of my turn and the end
[I.E., between the two attached savegames].  I can't imagine what i did 26
times during the turn, but i think it is now established that it is a direct
result of something i do during my move.  I went through several turns before
this where the assertion did not show up.  Possibly related: there are two
special tiles that are unworkable to me and are marked as 'occupied' by
somebody else, and nobody else is there...  The tiles in question are (2, 21)
and (2, 24) - both near cities that i've recently captured [but not this

(file #12855, file #12856)

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