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> johnnie crockett writes:
> > I would like to inform you of a bug in your recent beta. I observed that
> any
> > setting I put for "aifill" other than "5" reports a "read error". the
> inputs
> > I've tested so far are as follows: 126, 125, 100, 99, 6, 5 (working), and
> 4.
> > All of which, except 5, fail. Each input was tested being greater than,
> less
> > than, and equal to, the maxplayers setting, but still failed. I hope you
> can
> > resolve this issue. please reply if you have any questions.
> I couldn't reproduce this in a quick server-only test. Which operating
> system are you using, and are you launching the server from the client?
> It would be helpful if you could report this problem to the bug
> tracking system to decrease the chance of it being lost.
> <http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Bug_Reporting>

Thank you for your response. after some fiddling, I found that it wasn't
"aifill" causing problems, it was "mapsize". It only woks if the setting is
less than or equal to 30 (the maximum setting for previous releases of
freeciv). Oddly enough, it can be greater than 30 if "aifill" is 5,
(although I am unable to reproduce this outcome). Any other time it
disconnects from my local server with a "read error."

As for my system, it is Windows XP Service Pack 3.

I will also report this bug on the bug tracking system.

John Crockett
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