Follow-up Comment #11, bug #18054 (project freeciv):

Response to comment#9 (Andreas Rosdal):

I was originally directed to by Marko
Lindqvis and there found a click leading to bug reports here.
I shall look at the other link you suggested.

Possible suggestions on deleting saved games:

A command line function, possible syntax:

deletesaved x y

can delete games from #x to #y.
(The saved games are now numbered, starting from 1.)

Instead of numbers, you can also use date-time, although it would be heavier
work for the user.

Keep at most the N latest saved games, e.g. N=256

Having both (1) and (2) can be nice, as then the player can control which
saved games to keep, in case there are particular favorites or some such,
however it would require some extra lines of programming.


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