Follow-up Comment #2, bug #18087 (project freeciv):

The problem with my previous patch is that it will take up that space
forever, which is also wrong. I think this needs to be done with malloc and
free. I won't continue with this today and will wait for some feedback.
Disregard startpos.c.diff please.

[MAP_INDEX_SIZE] found in ./server/score.c:
   162:   bv_player claims[MAP_INDEX_SIZE];
[MAP_INDEX_SIZE] found in ./server/savegame2.c:
  2763:     int known[lines][MAP_INDEX_SIZE], j, p, l;
  2815:       int known[lines][MAP_INDEX_SIZE], j, l, p;
[MAP_INDEX_SIZE] found in ./server/savegame.c:
  1296:     int known[MAP_INDEX_SIZE];
  1536:       int known[MAP_INDEX_SIZE];
[MAP_INDEX_SIZE] found in ./server/generator/startpos.c:
   206: int tile_value_aux[MAP_INDEX_SIZE];
   207: int tile_value[MAP_INDEX_SIZE];
[MAP_INDEX_SIZE] found in ./server/generator/utilities.c:
   193:   int alt_int_map[MAP_INDEX_SIZE];
[MAP_INDEX_SIZE] found in ./server/advisors/autosettlers.c:
   622:   struct settlermap state[MAP_INDEX_SIZE];
[MAP_INDEX_SIZE] found in ./common/map.c:
  1081:     int count = 0, positions[MAP_INDEX_SIZE];


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