Follow-up Comment #8, bug #18087 (project freeciv):

The attached patch should work. Could you please test it and post your
results? Bellow the patch describtion is listed:

allow map sizes up to 2000x1000

see gna bug #18087
patch by akfaew <akfaew> and myself

* remove old comments
* redo assign_countinent_flood (not recursive)
* remove MAP_MAX_(HEIGHT|WEIGHT) as it is not used
* increase max x/y value to 32*1024
* allocate all variable using MAP_INDEX_SIZE
* increase possible map size up to MAP_MAX_SIZE = 2048 (= 2048 * 1000 tiles)
* can be increased further; but check also MAX_DBV_LENGTH
* possible width/height combinations: 32000x16 or 1000x2000
* fix definition of L_UNIT (could be 0 for big maps => division by zero)
* fix savegame2 for bigger maps

memory needed for a 32x32000 / a 2000x1000 map with 2 players each
(turn 0; with debug; for more players the numbers will increase!):

server: approx. 285(385) / 600( 700) MB (no connection)
client: approx. 315(540) / 470( 700) MB (gtk; player connected)
server: approx. 490(590) / 939(1030) MB (global observer connected)
client: approx. 520(740) / 870(1100) MB (gtk; global observer connected)
for each line the output of top is used: RES/VIRT

network traffic needed to send the map information: large!
(several minutes to send all data to a client on the same computer)
savegame: 1.7(60) / 0.5(80) MB
the compressed and the (uncompressed) size is listed

(file #12952)

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