Update of bug #18419 (project freeciv):

                 Summary: database.lua not in distribution tarball =>
database.lua and civ2/nations.ruleset not in distribution tarball


Follow-up Comment #6:

> - How savegames created in earlier stable series, with nations 
> no longer available in use, behave?
I just created a civ2 savegame with 16 nations (each with cities) in a 2.2.7
installation (i.e., one without the nation restrictions). Loading this into a
S2_3 installation, it seemed to cope as well as could be expected:

Ramón Rubial Cavia had invalid nation; changing to French.
Sejong had invalid nation; changing to Incas.
Gao had invalid nation; changing to Chinese.
Wilhelm Tell had invalid nation; changing to Babylonians.

Played for a few turns and all seemed well.

I also created a civ2 savegame with 30 nations. Since civ2/nations.ruleset
only defines 25 (including barbarians), I expected loading this to fail and
indeed it did, albeit less gracefully than it could have:

1: Usyaslav Brachyslavich had invalid nation; changing to French.
1: Chandra Gupta II had invalid nation; changing to Spanish.
1: No nation found!
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

(In the same situation, a 2.2.7 server dies with "plrhand.c:1383:
pick_a_nation: Assertion `0' failed" rather than a segfault.)

This isn't great, and should be looked at. However, a server in this
situation (not enough nations for savegame) doesn't have a lot of options. If
we're unhappy with that, we can never make this change. (We would have had the
same issue when the restricted nation set was originally committed, had it
been done right.)

> - Did you test only in build tree? Please test also installed 
> ("make install") version 
I've now tested an installation (including the above tests), and it behaved
as I expected.

(Another reason for fixing this is that without it, civ2 games run by
developers in their svn trees will not be the same as civ2 games run by


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