Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2903 (project freeciv):

Let me start out by saying that i think this is a good idea, but the
implementation will determine whether users have a good experience or not.

"- Dedicated xml-editors are easier for modpack authors to use than editing
our section file format in notepad"

Absolutely.  My feeling is that it should always be *possible* to do stuff
like this by hand [in a text editor], being able to use off the shelf tools
would be an improvement.

"- Adds libxml2 or expat dependency"

I'm not familiar with whether this is a more lightweight or heavyweight need.
 I guess there might be problems in Windows due to the usual MS tactic of them
redefining the standard in some non-standard way?

"- Some features our own section file format has can be hard to implement
using xml"

Is this abundant caution, or do you know of specific fields that would be
mangled by XML?  As long as we don't have anything that resembles an XML tag
our stuff *should* pass through unmodified...


I like the initial view of the roadmap.  I suppose during the transitional
period we have a few choices:

1) Have the server able to read in several versions of savefiles and write
them in a few selected [stable] versions.  This will probably lead to charges
of bloat.

2) Provide a converter utility for the interim period.  It's extra work, but
it keeps the server smaller and the user can delete it when no longer needed. 
Optionally such a function could be provided on the web where the user uploads
an old savefile and downloads it in the new format.

3) Define a series of steps such that each release will only be able to read
in files from the current or last release and only save in current release
format.  This puts a burden on the user when switching between different
computers or even upgrading their distro.


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