On 14 Aug, 2011, at 5:30 AM, Hugo Maxwell Connery wrote:

> The 'Port Facility' building does not 'repair' damaged sea units in one turn 
> (after no movement etc.), as described.
> (Constructed sea units *are* given veteran status, as described).  Thus, the 
> description, or game mechanics
> need adjusting.

> Noted with: Freeciv-2.2.7 (windows client).

        It does work for me as advertised [2.2.7 Mac].  Is there a certain type 
of ship you are seeing this with?  Can you send a relevant savefile?

> I'm happy to help a bit with FreeCiv, if I can. 

        New help is always needed, and we'd love to have you.  Check out the 
TODO page on http://www.freeciv.org or wish list items on 
http://gna.org/projects/freeciv/ for things that need to be done.

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