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Hugo Maxwell Connery writes:
> I'm happy to help a bit with FreeCiv, if I can.  
> Skills: English/Danish language, coder (not Java -- mostly things
> *NIX (C, C++, shell, perl, python)).

Well... the Danish translation hasn't been updated for a few months;
on S2_3 (the current stable branch), it's currently at 95.8% (134 fuzzy
messages, 130 untranslated). It would be nice to see it back at 100%
again, if you have the inclination to do some translation work.

You'd probably better try contacting the previous translator first,
since it's only been untouched since February, so it's possible they're
quietly working on an update. They are Ask Hjorth Larsen (asklarsen AT
gmail DOT com).

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