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> (followups set to the freeciv-i18n list)
> Hugo Maxwell Connery writes:
>  [snip]
>> I'm happy to help a bit with FreeCiv, if I can.
>> Skills: English/Danish language, coder (not Java -- mostly things
>> *NIX (C, C++, shell, perl, python)).
> Well... the Danish translation hasn't been updated for a few months;
> on S2_3 (the current stable branch), it's currently at 95.8% (134 fuzzy
> messages, 130 untranslated). It would be nice to see it back at 100%
> again, if you have the inclination to do some translation work.
> You'd probably better try contacting the previous translator first,
> since it's only been untouched since February, so it's possible they're
> quietly working on an update. They are Ask Hjorth Larsen (asklarsen AT
> gmail DOT com).

I'm the current translator of Freeciv into Danish.  Let me know if you
are interested in updating it.  I may have some of work-in-progress
translations lying around which should probably be committed first.
The reason for my lack of activity these days is that I have to write
a thesis.  Do you want to update the translation?


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