On 17 Aug, 2011, at 11:47 PM, Nathan Brazil wrote:

> Hi.  I don't have a Snow Leopard system that would allow me to test whether 
> the binaries I produced on Lion will run on the older OS or not, so I am 
> choosing to err on the safer side of not.  If someone were able to test it 
> out, that'd be great.
> However, I have no reason to believe that Freeciv won't run on Snow Leopard 
> or Leopard via MacPorts.

        Actually, that is questionable.  XCode 4 [the one that comes with Lion] 
no longer includes SDKs or other support for 10.5 or indeed anything that might 
be able to run on a PowerPC.  There are how-tos on the web to pull that 
material out of XCode 3 and install it on Lion, but it won't natively be able 
to target those earlier versions.  Unless MacPorts has their own headers, i 
don't see how they can work around this problem.  I am also involved with Fink, 
and we are wrestling with this issue as well.  This won't affect 
self-compilation, only cross-compilation.  Therefore, MacPorts and Fink users 
who use their respective system to locally build a binary won't notice a 

        Anyway, i do have both 10.5 and 10.6 systems i can try this on in a few 

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