On 19 Aug, 2011, at 11:15 PM, Marko Lindqvist wrote:

> Do we have people able to do those builds? If not, stating (binary)
> support in some official policy will not make it to happen. Having it
> never-actually-executed part of our policy would only make one to
> doubt reliability of our official policies in general.

        Yeah, that is a problem.  Volunteers will do what they are willing to 
do and i'm certainly don't want to force anybody to do otherwise.  OTOH, 
supplying binaries that only work in a sliver of currently running Macs is 
nearly the same as supplying no binaries at all.  I just feel that there is 
room for improvement [in a perfect world we would have a self-contained 
application bundle that doesn't need a password to install], and it can't hurt 
to ask if we as a project are happy with what we currently offer.

        Back to the main topic, any sane build from a Snow Leopard or XCode 3 
system *should* be able to run on all Intel Macs - only PPC support adds any 

> Source code support is different thing altogether, of course.

        I fully agree.

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