Am Mittwoch, 21. September 2011, 11:55:55 schrieb Michal Mazurek:
> Soon I will have a week of free time, I'd like to dedicate it to
> freeciv. I have an idea of making longturn games more bloody, namely
> spoils of war. Each unit killed will grant the winner, say, gold += 0%-30%
> of shields of unit killed, bulbs += max(0,
> looser_bulbs-winner_bulbs)*0%-1%. These values should be configurable. So,
> three options:
> spoils_of_war = true|false
> unit_gold_spoils = 0..100 (double)
> unit_science_spoils = 0..100 (double)
> The loser would not loose gold, it's implied he spent it when he built
> the unit.
> Should this go to the ruleset or the options? What makes
> initial unit dispersion an 'option' and city radius a 'rule'?

I think this depends on the view of the developer who implemented it. For some 
of the ruleset options/settings this can be discussed. Have a look at for a possible solution. At the moment it is only 
a plan with the question for input.

> PS. unit gold upkeep is not yet implemented, right?

It is implemented and used by the experimental ruleset. Have a look at the 
shields2gold effect. There is still a patch missing (
1936) - I did not had the time to rebase and test it.

Matthias (aka syntron)

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