Soon I will have a week of free time, I'd like to dedicate it to
freeciv. I have an idea of making longturn games more bloody, namely
spoils of war. Each unit killed will grant the winner, say, gold += 0%-30%
of shields of unit killed, bulbs += max(0, looser_bulbs-winner_bulbs)*0%-1%.
These values should be configurable. So, three options:
spoils_of_war = true|false
unit_gold_spoils = 0..100 (double)
unit_science_spoils = 0..100 (double)
The loser would not loose gold, it's implied he spent it when he built
the unit.

Should this go to the ruleset or the options? What makes
initial unit dispersion an 'option' and city radius a 'rule'?

PS. unit gold upkeep is not yet implemented, right?

Michal Mazurek

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