Update of bug #18835 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                   2.4.0 => 2.4.0, 2.3.1?          


Follow-up Comment #12:

Updated patch:

- part 1: file #14294
- part 2: file #14295
- part 3: new file
- part 4: updated file

- all-in-one-patch: dipl_metting.patch

screenshoot: dipl_dialog_new_20111029.jpg

> By the way, do you expect the patches would apply cleaning to
> 2.3.0? if so i might do a test rebuild and try it out. 
Save of the changes to 'client/gui-gtk-2.0/luaconsole.c' the all-in-one-patch
does apply to 2.3. I did not compile it but if you are successful this could
be included in 2.3.1.

Please also check differen screen layouts as part 4 changes the rrangement of
the elements. Does it is OK for small screens, widescreens, etc.

(file #14310, file #14311, file #14312, file #14313)

Additional Item Attachment:

File name: 0003-gtk2-add-a-new-option-to-activate-the-diplomatic-tab.patch
Size:2 KB
File name: 0004-gtk2-redo-layout-of-the-diplomacy-dialog-vertical.patch
Size:8 KB
File name: dipl_metting.patch             Size:24 KB
File name: dipl_dialog_new_20111029.jpg   Size:106 KB


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