Follow-up Comment #19, bug #18835 (project freeciv):

Looks like the debian patch regarding unity was the cause. switched your new
patch to the top of the patch que, disabled the unity patch and it built.

And works :)

It looks good, just wondering if what i'm seeing is specific to my screen.
I've attached two screenshots, one with touching and one without.

First is that the gold adjustment arrows seem to sit over the right hand side
of the gold box (i circled that).

Second is the size of the 'clauses' window. is that fixed so it scales into
small screens? i'd have thought it would make more sense to have that maybe
twice the size it is now (given the amount of space i have free on the bottom
of my screen).

I'll attach the images and the save game (its just a game at the first move
with all the nations stuck on an island).

(file #14370, file #14371, file #14372)

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