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Follow-up Comment #21:

> By the way, saving that freeciv save file i notice that it
> truncates out everything after the first '.'. Is that a known
> bug, or should i open a ticket? (the original name was
> freeciv2.3.0-hacked)
there is a ticket for this: see bug #18781

The patch does some changes on top of all other patches; it is work in

> First is that the gold adjustment arrows seem to sit over the
> right hand side of the gold box (i circled that). 
was it better in the old version (I did not change this).
> Second is the size of the 'clauses' window. is that fixed so
> it scales into small screens? i'd have thought it would make
> more sense to have that maybe twice the size it is now (given
> the amount of space i have free on the bottom of my screen). 
better now?

Ideally the Accept and Cancel buttons would belong to the vertical notebook;
in this version they are at the button - hard to find if there are lots of

Please test (size 2; aifill 60; meetings with 30+ nations and check the

(file #14387)

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