Follow-up Comment #4, bug #18394 (project freeciv):

Trying this with S2_4 (r20647), I think it is (still) broken.

I hacked the default ruleset so that Fusion Power had req1=req2="None" and
root_req="Fusion Power". I then changed abkhaz.ruleset so that
init_techs="Fusion Power".

On starting the game as the Abkhaz:
* "Fusion Power" does appear in the help
* But it doesn't appear in the (Gtk) tech tree, regardless of "Show all"
* The editor doesn't think we have it either
* Attempting to explicitly give it via script doesn't work either:

> /lua cmd print(give_technology(find.player(0),find.tech_type("Fusion
<Tech_Type #31 Fusion Power>
> /lua cmd
> /lua cmd print(find.player(0):knows_tech(find.tech_type("Pottery")))
> /lua cmd print(find.player(0):knows_tech(find.tech_type("Alphabet")))
> /lua cmd print(find.player(0):knows_tech(find.tech_type("Fusion Power")))

Pottery worked as expected; Fusion Power did not.

So it seems that it's not possible to use self-root-req'd techs at the


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